Since I released my latest EP, “Dina drömmar” I got quite a lot of nice comments and reviews. Especially my music and lyrics has received good reviews. But as I’m well aware of my vocals doesn’t really match up with the rest of the music. So said and done I […]

Making progress

Though WordPress.com has been a great tool to administrate my website/blog, since I planning to step up my music production I wanted a more powerful tool so I changed to WordPress.org. Besides the design I also made some small changes on “About” and added some “Media”. And most important of […]

New website

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In a flash of creativity and thanks to some new software instruments I recorded three songs in a few weeks time. I chose to put them all together as an EP with “Dina drömmar” as the title song. 1. Dina Drömmar An song that I wrote and recorded some years […]

New stuff: Dina drömmar EP